Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"I have an old Dell laptop running Windows XP, would like to run Ubuntu on it"

I was skimming through google+ and found a post with that title.

My view on that is if your laptop is quite old it definitely have an old GPU which means you are not going to get the optimal performance with Ubuntu that you might be getting with Windows XP because you are trying to replace the OS on your system that was created in 2001 with one from 2013.

My suggestion to those such people is that try Ubuntu 12.04 and if you find things slow switch to the 'Ubuntu 2d' session from the login screen, you will have things pretty smooth. So you get to use a very modern OS on a relatively old system, isn't that great ?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blogging more

I am a bit late to say that but congratulations everyone on the Ubuntu 13.10 release. It was hell of a cycle.

Its been a while since I wrote something, its mostly because I have been pretty busy in the 13.10 release cycle. So last week I took two weeks off from work to relax my mind and learn something new so that I am able to contribute more to the Ubuntu phone. I started by reading a lot of documentation at http://qt-project.org and at the same time trying to fix some of the smaller bugs in the touch apps. So far things are going pretty productive.

I'll share more if I end up writing any useful utility for Touch, I am using the word utility because I don't want to call a bunch of hacks, an app.


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