Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Better late than Punjab

The situation in KPK seems pretty tense, one must admit. The chaos during the local government elections, the arrest of Mian Iftikhar and the 11 killed innocents. That all means business for news channels, its like Eid before Eid. Bad week for Imran Khan, bad week for PTI but start of a very bright era for the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A province that has been struck with disasters.

After 10 years, finally the province successfully conducted its local body elections, got representatives on the grass root level. The number of public representation is unprecedented.

"Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has less than half the population of England but will have more than twice as many local councillors"

The ball now is in the provincial government's court, it has to empower the local governments, the setup has to be implemented as manifested, development funds need to be delivered to the lowest level and substantial enough to make a dent. Most importantly there needs to be a check on those funds with transparency.

This setup in itself is very important for the success of PTI, the political party. If this local government system helps the people get their problems solved easy and quickly, its going to raise up the standard of living for the people of the province and at the same time will very much help PTI to get more public support in other parts of the country for the 2018 general elections.

On the other side of the picture we have two provinces that are continuously being governed by the two political families in Punjab and Sindh. Having ruled them continuously for the last 7 years they still have to conduct the local government elections. If it wasn't for the Supreme court of Pakistan, its pretty apparent that these governments would never even plan for local elections. The last deadline is for November 2015 but we can only hope they don't find another "excuse".

The biggest problem with not having the local government setup is apparent in Punjab, with the government having no input from the local representation, does not know what the real problems of the people are, so their "gift" for the people is the famous Metro bus. A series of cost inefficient, highly subsidized and foreign loaned public bus services. The government probably believes in "one shoe that fits all" concept.

Being a voter of PTI, I can at least be happy and get reassured that my vote and support really was for a better party and leadership, one that at least tries to work for the people.

For local body elections in KPK: Better late than Punjab.

Disclaimer: the author resides in Punjab.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

An open letter to Shehbaz Sharif

This is a letter to the Chief Minister of Punjab, and not directed to the member of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN), the political party.

Dear CM, you have had that post for more than 7 years and you are using it for the political gains of the political party that you are part of. This is conflict of interest. Being the CM of a province, that holds 60% of the country's population, you are doing it all wrong. While you are good at building roads and bridges, I am afraid you have a long way to go to learn governance. Governance is not taking suo-moto actions. Its about:
 * Empowering the institutes that come under your authority.
 * Creating a sense of equality among regions.
 * Reforms

Sadly you miss all of that. I am still to see a model institute that have been made autonomous under your government. I am still to see the same level of infrastructural spending in non-Punjabi speaking parts of the province. I am still looking for reforms.

You have failed us and what worries me the most is, you are going to fail us for the coming years as well.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The game to discredit Imran Khan

The way events have unraveled in the past few days, there is a sign, a very clear sign of a dirty game being played by the establishment of Pakistan, this includes both Military and Civil establishments to discredit the only political leader with public support: Imran Khan.

With PM Nawaz being one of the most discredited persons in the country (Pervaiz Rasheed tops him though) the establishment is now trying to bring down Imran Khan who is the only national political leader with a big support and following. The present government have literally laid itself in front of the military and the Army chief General Raheel Shareef seems to be the foreign minister of Pakistan while the government ministers are mostly there to do press conferences with zero material.

The government chose to surrender in front of the Army but stayed stubborn to create a powerful judicial commission that the PTI proposed to probe the mass elections rigging of the 2013 general elections. And now as it seems all the stakes of the military are in keeping this phony government up and running since they had got the cake of 21st amendment passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan. Now if the government goes as part of the rigged elections, that amendment will also have to be made null&void since the people who approved are actually "Strangers in the house".

So now the dirty game is in place and I expect more anti-Khan events to happen in the coming days. I mean really ? that 21 cars motorcade was made shine of the News right after the orchestrated protest at the Army Public School.

My advice for Khan, keep it simple, concentrate on your rigging stance, try to be very cautious and keep your wife and politics apart so that the campaign to discredit does not get the fuel. One thing is for sure we have already had a soft-coup in Pakistan, one wrong move by the government and we may as well get a full fledged martial-law.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Making autopilot 'human'

A bit late to share a feature that I implemented in Autopilot. First, a lot of thanks to Chris Lee for having the patience for the code review.

Autopilot is a test running that we at Canonical use for the UI testing at the integration level. This nice tool is pretty fun and easy to use with some basic knowledge of python. After using it to write automation for more than a year, I finally ended up contributing to the test runner code itself.

One of the issues that was discovered while writing tests with autopilot that when it was doing multiple clicks continuously there was very little gap between the events. Imagine a test where the phone dials a long number in less than a second ? Not so human, is it ?

The solution that was agreed upon, was to introduce a reusable mechanism in autopilot where it would try to "humanize" the click/tap events. So now, when you dial a number or do some calculation in calculator app with autopilot, it will have at least a delay of 100 ms between those events. The below code sample would make it easy to understand.

    # lets assume 'pointer' is the input emulator for Mouse
    self.pointer.click_object(target_object1, time_between_events=2)
    # This click will happen after somewhat ~2 seconds.

The feature is in trunk and will hopefully be released with the next autopilot version.